“The sledgehammer of reality”

USA in decline while the war machine rages on.  Ron Paul is the only candidate who will talk about the bogus “war on terror” as we continue to “false flag” country after country.  If they have oil, you can count of us being there sooner or later and it appears to be the former. This never ending “war on terror”, which does not exist. In addition, no one is talking out the “National Defense Authorization Act” a $600 Billion act that has a profound impact on all US citizens as well as the rest of the world. Mit Romney has suggested we start a no fly zone in Syria! Trillions of dollars have been made since the start of the “war on terror” since 2000. This invisible never ending state of war to keep the military industrial complex war machine going! People need to wake up and realize that our country is not recovering from the financial disasters of the past ten years because no changes have been made to prevent its continuation.


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