911 Prince Charles Popo the Puppet can do Anything – With Imupunity

Monarchies have a long history of murder. Always imperialist, they even have a history of murdering each other. In todays situation where the British monarchy is going “all-out” to enslave the whole planet we all wonder where this evil will end.
The royals of today have ancestry which dates all the way back to roman emperors and probably beyond. Believed to have their roots in the egyptian pharaoh royaly (who considered thermselves gods as they came from the house of David as did also, Jesus) they were successful in enslaving the entire planet until God intervened.
The royals, believed to be reptilians from a dying planet made Earth their home thousands of years ago, covertly ruling earth people ever since. They have twice already been successful in enslaving humans – until God intervened on both occasions
Reptilians have the ability to disguise themselves as humans but often will reveal their true identities on video whould the viewer take the trouble to play the video at a slower speed to reveal things that the human eye fails to see. There is plenty of evidence of this. Reptilians lack empathy and are the most insensitive oafs you’ve ever met. Known for doinf dastardly deeds like running-off with mens’ wives only to ditch them soon after the cursing phrase we use “the scum of the earth” will soon no doubt change to “the repties of the earth”. Reptilians are in many ways mechanical. This is what makes them heartless (we have all seen how they mass-murder without concern or remorse).
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On July 7, 2005 London, England was performing a test or drill with the public transit system (rail and buses) which played out much like the situation that occured in New York with the 9/11 Attacks and the test or drill being conducted with our defense system that caused much confusion regarding the alleged high jacking on the planes which hit and destroyed WTC buildings 1, 2 and 7 fell on its own after the owner Larry Silverstein of Silverstein Properties instructed the New York City Fire Department to “pull it” down. Silverstein Properties and out bid other major companies and his big was accepted on April 26, 2011 and closed of the property on July 24, 2001 for $3.22 billion even though it was going to cost upward of $600 million to remove the asbestos from each and every steel beam throught the buildings. Oh and it is important to note that Silverstein also added a change to the insurance policy just before 9/11 to include the buildings being struck by commercial airplanes! Hmmmm Larry Paszli 5/3/2012




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