The Coming Stock Market Crash and The Death of Money with Jim Rickards

There has been an underlying rumble in our government, bizarre behavior by Congress and ongoing threats of impending doom of war with nothing more than false flag propaganda no different than the lies and grossly inaccurate

intelligence that promised Weapons of Mass Destruction which never materialized in Iraq but yet our military continued to seek out monsters trying desperately to justify our occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan for twelve years. We continued to grasp at straws looking for an official story to sell the people. One very important aspect of our false flag “conflicts” with other countries to note is that we seem to only have issues with countries that have things we want. This was evident by our military circling around oil wells and securing them right off the bat!

The economy of the US and the rest of the world are in serious trouble and behind the scenes, very intricate plans are already in the works and have been very quite some time. The US is running out of places to borrow money! Our Fractional Banking System is nothing more than a massive scheme and is coming to an end very soon. The US can continue to try and fool the American People, the rest of the world and themselves that the US is strong and powerful leading the world and this simply is no longer true! The value of the US dollar is collapsing and getting weaker every single day. Watch this video with Jim Rickards as he explains the details of what is really going on behind the scenes and where we are headed

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