Clubhopping in the 90’s Vol. 03

This is a very special edition of the “Clubhopping in the 90’s Series” in that when you download this podcast with iTunes, it will include chapters (accessible through the banner menu) which will include the artist, title and version of the song along with cover art, synchronized with playback. I hope you enjoy this special edition as it is my personal Christmas gift to you, my fans and followers. Here’s wishing you all the very best this holiday season!!! Now GET OUT THERE AND DANCE!!!!

I would like to send a big thanks to our buddy Michael Lombardino aka DJ Lombardino for all the awesome remix’s of our favorite dance mixes from the club scene of the eighties and ninety’s he has shared with us then and now via PodOMatic. Keep em coming big guy…we love it!

Clubhopping in the 80’s Vol. 04

Clubhopping in the 80’s Vol. 04.

This a another excellent mixing masterpiece by my buddy Michael J. Lombardino from Dallas Texas. These tunes really get your 80’s clubland jucies flowing and make you wanna dance….additional installments like this one can be found on PodOmatic at DJ Lombardino Podcast-PLAY IT LOUD!!!