Cancer Treatment Alternative’s Are Becoming Reality

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Thursday, October 20, 2011
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of
(NaturalNews) I just returned from a two-day visit to the Burzynski Research Institute in Houston Texas, where Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski pioneered a treatment known as “antineoplastons” — a treatment that causes brain tumors to VANISH in many children. These antineoplastons, which are unique protein chains made from amino acids, also work on many other cancers afflicting people young and old.The cure rate using antineoplastonsis extraordinary. It’s not anywhere near 100%, but it’s high enough to start saving millions of lives each year around the world RIGHT NOW. And antineoplastons have zero negative side effects. You stay healthy and vibrant while your cancer tumors melt away.So you might think the cancer industry would want to learn more about antineiplastons, right? You might think some of the money people raise from those “walk for the cure” events would go to fund more research on finding out WHY these antineoplastons work so well to cure many cancers, wouldn’t you?

But no. Instead of embracing Dr. Burzynski’s research, the cancer industry persecuted him. They called him a quack and tried to destroy his reputation. The FDA accused him of fraud and the Texas Medical Board tried to indict him on criminal charges and throw him in prison.

Instead of being interested in the breakthrough research of this cancer pioneer, the cancer industry was offended by it. The disturbing truth in all this is that the cancer industry does not want to cure cancer. It wants people to stay sick, to stay dependent, and to remain in a state of never-quite-cured cancer while spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on cancer treatments that simply don’t work.

There’s got to be a better solution.

I’ve watched too many people die from cancer

A personal friend of mine died of cancer last year. He was a conventional doctor, and he didn’t believe in anything that smacked of herbs or “alternative” medicine. He spent the last year of his life suffering from the toxic side effects of chemotherapy and the highly toxic drug thalidomide.

As I watched him slowly waste away and die, I felt deeply frustrated that I didn’t have a more powerful way to reach him with the truth about cancer solutions that really work. I wanted to help this man save his own life, but I couldn’t do it as long as he resisted educating himself with the truth about cancer… the truth that his own industry (modern medicine) absolutely refuses to acknowledge.

My good friend Kevin Gianni had a similar experience with his own father, who passed away from cancer when Kevin was just a toddler. You can watch Gianni describe this in his own heartwarming video, below:…

Or see it on YouTube at:…

What Kevin and I both realize is that people are dying due to a lack of information. We know that information about cancer treatment alternatives can save lives starting right now.

It’s time to expose the truth! Cancer cures exist right now

Just as the Occupy Wall Street protesters are fed up with the lies and deceptions of our global financial institutions, today all around the world, people like you and me are fed up with the lies from the cancer industry.

We know there are cures for cancer that really work. We know they are safe and effective. And we also know the cancer establishment actively seeks to suppress those cures.

We also know it’s time that you learned the truth about cancer. And to help with that, Kevin Gianni has assembled a world-class team of alternative cancer experts and advocates who have contributed exclusive audio interviews to a FREE event called the Healing Cancer World Summit.

Learn more about it at:…

Listen to the entire Healing Cancer summit for FREE

The best part about this Healing Cancer World Summit is that the entire summit is available to you FOR FREE.

Just register at the following link to listen to the entire summit at no cost:…

It all begins on the evening of October 25th and continues with two interviews each evening, through October 29th.

I’m part of the event, too, as you’ll see below. I contribute perhaps my most outspoken interview ever recorded on the subject of cancer treatments and the crimes of the cancer industry.

Here are the cancer experts you’ll hear from


Discover the therapies and treatments Dr. Contreras is using to constantly beat out reported cancer survivor statistics – year in and year out.

• Learn the most effective treatments he uses in his clinic.

• Find out why – in some cases – integrative treatments (conventional and natural) treatments are most effective.


• Find out how Dr. Gonzalez treats his patients effectively and which treatments he feels are most successful.

• Learn about how Dr. Gonzalez’s mentors were treated when they discovered some effective, natural treatments that appeared to be working to help prevent and treat cancer.

• Listen in as Dr. Gonzalez explains what you need to do to prevent and treat cancer with success.


• Find out what treatments Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy uses to successfully prevent cancer in her clinic.

• Discover the specific foods and supplements that have worked in her own experience with her own patients in the 20+ years she’s been in practice.

• Learn the most important herbs and supplements that you can use to prevent cancer.


• Learn about the treatment called “IPT” and why it seems to work so well against tumors.

• Discover how to effectively keep your body healthy using specific protocols and nutrients that inhibit the growth of tumors and decrease your chance of getting cancer.

• Find out the link between protein and cancer – and how you could be eating to improve your odds of staying healthy.


• Listen in as Charlotte Gerson explains how her father “stumbled” upon his treatment for cancer.

• Discover the treatments that the Gerson Institute is using in their clinics that they say are helping people prevent and heal naturally from cancer and other degenerative diseases.

• Learn a very specific treatment that is effective for detoxification and cleansing that you can do at home – affordably.


• Find out which organ systems are the most important to cleanse.

• Listen in as David tells a personal story about his experience with cancer and how it affected the way he works with his own patients in his clinic.

• Discover some of the most effective ways to ensure that you never get cancer in the first place (or ever again.)


• Join Burton Goldberg as he breaks down the options that are available to you if you’re looking to prevent or treat cancer.

• Find out which MDs and doctors are actually making a difference and how to determine the best way to plan your personal cancer prevention or treatment protocol.

• Learn what Burton has learned from years of researching and investigating natural and conventional cancer treatments.


• Find out what Marcus has learned from the best cancer doctors in the world while he was filming his own cancer documentary.

• Discover the MDs, nutritionists and experts that he trusts after visiting and experiencing dozens of clinics, treatments and protocols from around the world.

• Learn the most important part of cancer treatment – for any patient – no matter what stage they’re in.


• Discover research and documentation on specific herbs and supplements that can prevent or possibly even cure cancer.

• Listen in as Mike tells a true story about a man who was persecuted for selling his effective, natural treatment for topical cancers – you won’t believe this one.

• Why donating to some cancer fundraising non-profits may not actually help to find a cure for cancer.


• Find out what these two survivors felt when they were first diagnosed and how they dealt with the fear.

• Learn what natural treatments they used and how they’re doing today.

• Discover how to deal with friends and family members who think you’re crazy for trying a natural approach to prevent or help heal your own cancer.

Register now at:…

Why this really matters: You could save your own life or help save the life of another

I don’t pull any punches when it comes to straight talk about cancer and the cancer industry. Let there be no doubt whatsoever that conventional cancer treatments are ineffective, torturous and even deadly. Modern-day oncology is barbaric, inhumane and scientifically broken.

You need to hear this information because it might save your life. You need to know your options, and if you have a friend or family member with cancer, they need to know their options too.

That’s why I agreed to be part of this and offer my own knowledge on cancer cures and the cancer industry as a contributor to this important program. In fact, as you listen to this, you’ll hear me unleashed as I give Kevin Gianni the most passionate conversation I’ve probably ever had on the record about cancer.

True story: after I recorded this with Kevin, I stopped and asked, “Was that too aggressive?” He laughed. He knew that even though my interview might be explosive in its content, what I was saying about the cancer industry was absolutely true.

You can hear my “aggressive” interview about the cancer industry — plus all the interviews with the other participants — for FREE beginning October 25th. Just register at the following link:…

This might be the most important event you hear all year

The Healing Cancer World Summit is 100% endorsed by myself, the Health Ranger. I’ve known Kevin Gianni for years, and I know he always puts together quality, honest programs that are absolutely packed with lifesaving information.

This is the information your local cancer clinic should teach you, but they won’t. After all, it’s not in the financial interests of a cancer clinic to show their patients how to heal themselves and stop being a cancer patient!

This program also features stories from cancer survivors who used natural, holistic therapies to cure their own cancers. You’ll learn a wealth of information from them — information that could very well help you (or someone you love) save your life.

Inform yourself. Know your options. Learn the other side of the story — the side that the conventional cancer industry refuses to even acknowledge exists.

Register for the Healing Cancer World Summit today, and enjoy the benefits of all the knowledge that’s about to be revealed beginning October 25.

If you haven’t yet watch the video where Kevin Gianni introduces his own personal story about cancer, watch them here:


Or NaturalNews.TV video:

Learn more:

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