The “War on Terror” is a Fraud Exposing the fraud that is the TSA’s backscatter x-ray

The “War on Terror” is a Fraud Exposing the fraud that is the TSA’s backscatter x-ray.


Well dang! I am not sure whether to cheer or be pissed at this guy for publishing this video. It can, in my opinion, be viewed as both a negative and positive peice of information depending on which side of the fence your on. Hmmm……

Exposing the fraud that is
the TSA’s backscatter x-ray


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TSA Tacitly Admits $1 Billion Dollar Body Scanner System Is Critically Flawed

Federal agency savaged for weak response to viral video

Paul Joseph Watson

The Transportation Security Administration has tacitly admitted that the critical flaws brought to light in a viral You Tube video yesterday which exposed how airport body scanners could easily be beaten are accurate, rendering the entire $1 billion dollar program virtually worthless.

Engineer Jon Corbett of the popular blog TSA Out of Our Pants! posted a video yesterday that demonstrates how the TSA’s radiation firing body scanners can easily be bypassed. The clip has already received over 700,000 views.

The video shows Corbett carrying a metal case through the scanner, away from his body in his side pocket. Corbett explains that because metallic objects appear as black on the image the scanners produce, the machines do not pick up such objects if they are obscured by the background, which is also black.

The video went viral and despite You Tube slapping an age-restricted censor on the clip, the story was picked up by dozens of major news outlets, forcing the TSA to respond.

On the TSA’s official blog, the agency attempts to discredit Corbett by describing him as “some guy” who launched a “crude attempt to allegedly show how to circumvent TSA screening procedures.”

However, nowhere in the response does the TSA actually address or attempt to disprove Corbett’s demonstration that the body scanner can be easily fooled.

In labeling Corbett’s successful effort to evade the body scanner as “crude,” the TSA has inadvertently admitted that its $1 billion dollar body scanner system can be defeated by “crude” methods.

Body scanners are “one layer of our 20 layers of security,” the blog states, before adding, “our nation’s aviation system is much safer now with the deployment of 600 imaging technology units at 140 airports.”

Obviously, it is not safer if these 600 units can all be rendered useless merely by placing an object inside a pocket sown on to the side of a shirt.

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Election Fraud in the USA Dead people receive ballots in NH primary

Election Fraud in the USA Dead people receive ballots in NH primary.

This is a very good example of why a valid ID is a good idea in order to be able to vote! As it turns out, class warfare is not the only reason legislators might be trying to make manditory to vote! Think about it….

Activists use dead voters’ names at NH primary


Manchester, NH (CBS) – An activist group obtained ballots for several deceased voters during New Hampshire’s primary elections. The group called Project Veritas captured the possible voting fraud on camera.

Now the New Hampshire Attorney General has initiated an investigation and a review of the state’s voting procedures.

The secretly recorded video shows activists requesting ballots for recently deceased voters. In most cases, they receive the ballot with no questions asked.

In one case, the person asks a poll worker, if there are any other dead people on the voting rolls.

“How would I know if there were dead or not?,” she asked.

The group tried the same stunt again and again and they succeeded at least nine times in using the names of recently deceased voters.

“It shows what can happen,” says Ryk Bullock. He is the election moderator in Bedford and was videotaped by Project Veritas.

When they came to his polling place, they were stopped by his staff’s diligence. Still Bullock says they did point out flaws in the system.

“Am I saying it could never happen here? I’d be a fool. But the likelihood of it is minimal,” he explained.

New Hampshire law doesn’t require any ID to vote, so the poll workers didn’t do anything wrong. However, some say Project Veritas may have broken wiretapping laws related to secret recordings.

New Hampshire Governor John Lynch, who has vetoed bills that would require photo ID, called it, “outrageous that these out-of-staters invaded our polling places and misrepresented themselves in an attempt to push a political agenda.”

Advocates of requiring photo ID to vote say this video gives them new ammunition.

“I think it gives concrete evidence in a really embarrassing way for our state that the fraud that we’ve been describing all along exists,” said Speaker Bill O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon).

No fraudulent ballots were actually cast. The attorney general’s office says they have no complaints of illegal voting in Tuesday’s primary.

WBZ contacted Project Veritas at their Washington D.C. office. They did not return a phone call.



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Dead people receive ballots in NH primary





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Government corruption Obama: Banks broke no laws broken

Government corruption Obama: Banks broke no laws broken.

This from a man who orders
US citizens killed without trial

You have to wonder, seriously wonder, if this is a human being, or some kind of windup android who’ll spout any line of bullshit no matter how obviously false, fraudulent, and preposterous.

What are the odds of the US ever getting its financial house in order with a President – and virtually every jackass in Congress – completely comfortable with the banks selling packages of fraudulently-created mortgages as AAA securities?

These clearly are the End Times.

What’s not clear is the End Times for whom?

For a generation of sociopaths and the system that employs them or for the United States as we know it?

Because there is no way we can continue on this insane path without catastrophic repercussions one way or the other.