Food Nevada Heath District Raids Picnic

Food Nevada Heath District Raids Picnic.

This is a follow up to the first video showing the authorities raiding a farm picnic even and demanding that all the food be distroyed. They were not even allowed to feed it to their pigs. This was after being told they had to apply for permits, which they did but instead of delivering the permit to the picnic, they came to raid and shut it down!

Nevada Heath District Raids Picnic

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Food Tyranny


An organic farm Nevada was having a picnic and the Authorities showed up! Thank God or they may have eaten some GMO-free food.

Want to let this woman know how you feel?

Mary G. Oakes, PhD, REHS
Environmental Health Specialist II,
(702) 759-1681 office
(702) 538-6424 cell

Watch Brian Hyde describe the ridiculous raid here


Talking about YouTube – Knäckebröddansen – Talang 2009 Avsnitt 3 (HQ)

These guys are amazing! Whoever came up with this routine is brilliant! What a scream they are…