Vaccines: CDC Issues Major Vaccine Alert

Vaccines: CDC Issues Major Vaccine Alert#.

While going through my mail the other day, I found a letter from my mother. Upon opening the letter I found a note from my mother stating she had run across my Permanent Immunization Record card and was sending this to me for my records. I was amazed as I examined the document showing the dates I had received shots, which shots were given along with some other noted information that was written in some form of code. I was born in February and the “games” began in April that same year. As I read through the dates and contents of the shots given memories began to flood of mind of the shots I had received back in 1971, 1973 and 1974. Chills ran down my spine remembering how my teachers had handed out consent forms which we were to take home and obtain the signature of our parent(s) or legal guardian in order for the school and nurse from the County Health Department to legally be able to administer the shots. There were high gloss photo handouts distributed throughout our classroom to all my classmates. It was a big deal and I remember the teacher taking a full class period going over the details carefully making sure that each of us received the reading material along with the consent forms. It goes without saying but I will say it anyway, I have never been more terrified in my life and I remember looking around the classroom at the faces of my classmates as we sat there carefully looking over the vividly colored glossy pages that were being put in front of us. All I could think about was how can I get out of having to be subjected to what was abviously going to be a day filled with frightened faces, lots of tears and basically a day of terror for all that qualified to be participating in this legal terrorizing of children. The bus ride home that day was so weird. I remember how quiet everyone was as we sat still in our seats, heads down staring at the papers we had been given to take home. No one was talking that day. The usual rumbling of conversation and loud voice of shouting school children had been replaced by virtual silence as we sat still in our seats biting our lips as our thoughts scrambled for excuses and ways we could get out of having to be subjected to the nurses big cold surgical steel needles that would in just a matter of days be puncturing the warm soft skin of our bodies if an acceptable reason or excuse was not determined. The only sounds heard were that of the windows rattling in their frames as we barreled down the dusty gravel roads making our way through the country side stopping only to eject us one by one at our homes like candy being ejected from a Pez dispenser. Just as we were approaching my house I quickly folded up the papers I had been clinching in my hand so tightly that my knuckles were white. I opened my book satchel and quickly shoved the evil papers deep into the bottom and thinking to myself, I needed to think on this some more before presenting the papers to my mother. There had to be a way to convince my mother to simply put a check mark in the box beside the statement “I DO NOT wish for my child LARRY D. PASZLI  to participate in the Cleburn County Health Department Immunization Program”. Then all that was left was to get her to place her signature at the bottom of the page and I was home free! No shots for me, I thought to my self!

To make a long story not even longer. I never gave my mother the literature or the consent form to sign. I was too scared she would side with the school and county health department. I decided I would place the check mark in the box on the form and simply sign my mothers name as I had seen her do hundreds of times before. I looked around and found a card or something with her signature and would stay up late at night with the flashlight from the kitchen drawer. Under my bed covers I practiced writing her signature over and over night after night until I felt I had masterd it. The night before the deadline for returning the consent form I practiced a few times more before very nervously and quickly signing the form using my mothers favorite pen which I took from her handbag and stuffed the now crumpled form back to the bottom of my bag. There…I did it! The next day I proudly pulled the over handled piece of paper from my bag and eagerly walked it up to the teachers desk and proudly added it to the stack of forms at the corner of my teachers desk. There was only one problem. In my rush to sign my mothers name to the form I made the grave mistake of using my last name forgetting to write my mothers new married last name which threw up a red flag causing the teacher to call my mother to inquire. Of course she had no idea what my teacher was talking about as she had never seen the consent form in question. Needless to say, I received the shots that day along with my classmates and was in bed sick for three days from what appeared to be the flu with this swollen rash on my arm at the injection site! Oh and I was grounded for two weeks from watching television!

Thought I would share that experience with those of you who have children and are being faced with the threat of your children not being able to return to school due to incomplete shots records!

CDC Issues Major Vaccine Alert

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Vaccines For U.S. Children May Not Be Properly Stored, Study Says


  • Review found expired vaccines mixed in with others
  • Some vaccines could be less effective
  • Report probed 45 vaccine providers in five states


By Anna Yukhananov
Reuters via Huffington Post

WASHINGTON, June 6 (Reuters) – Free vaccines meant for children as part of a U.S. government program may have been stored at the wrong temperature, which could make them less effective, according to a report released on Wednesday.

The report also found that both expired and unexpired vaccines had been stored together in some doctors’ offices and clinics, which could potentially lead to mistakes in giving the wrong version, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) in the Department of Health and Human Services said.

The findings could apply to a much wider lot of vaccines, since many of the same clinics that provide free immunizations for low-income children also give shots to insured children.

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Chief Executive of GAVI Wants to Immunize Every Kid on Earth

Chief executive of GAVI wants to iimmunize every kid on earth

via Chief executive of GAVI wants to immunize every kid on earth


Saturday, May 05, 2012 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-backed group Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI) is on a mission to forcibly vaccinate every single child on the planet against every single known “preventable disease.” And the group’s CEO, Seth Berkley, believes he can actually make this happen with enough cash, political force, and distribution systems in place.

Cloaked in a veil of humanitarianism, GAVI’s vaccination agenda has been spreading across the globe like a virus, as hundreds of millions of children around the world have already been vaccinated, and many more are on the way. But the group’s vaccination push will not stop until every child in the world is vaccinated, even if it means having to use force.

This is what happened, after all, in Malawi back in 2011, where Malawian children were vaccinated at gunpoint. Reports at the time indicated that parents of unvaccinated children that had tried to escape a local vaccination mandate were tracked down and apprehended, and their children forced to receive the jabs as part of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (

None of this would have been possible, however, had GAVI been allowed to crumble back in 2010 when it was suffering severe financial problems. But former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates came in and saved the day, according to Reuters, by working together with GAVI and the British government to coerce much needed funding, to the tune of $4.3 billion, out of donors.

And this is hardly a surprise, since Bill Gates himself has been on a personal mission to vaccinate the entire world as well. At a 2011 GAVI conference, Gates explained to attendees how the world needs “vaccine equity,” which he later defined as vaccinating everybody on earth (

“It’s now that we’re gonna start to get the last two vaccines that rich kids take for granted, the pneumococcal and rotavirus, and over these next five years, get them out to every child everywhere,” said Gates at that time. “That means for the first time ever that we have equity in vaccines.”

So there you have it, folks. One of the world’s richest men, in partnership with a multi-billion dollar public-private partnership and several powerful world governments, is actively working towards a 100 percent vaccination rate among the world’s children. Are you prepared to stand up to this jackbooted medical mafia when they come for your children?

Sources for this article include:

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Rabies Vaccine to be Dropped From The Air

Vaccines Rabies vaccine to be dropped from the air.

Two million live virus oral vaccine/bait units were dropped by airplane all over the state. Each package was dipped in fish oil and fish meal crumbles to make the vaccine/bait appealing to animals. Yummy.

The claim is that these packages are ‘harmless’, however they do contain a LIVE virus. Should you come into contact with one and you have an easily compromised immune system you should contact your physician immediately.




Check out this video for details…

Baits will be dropped over portions of 27 counties


by KVUE News

The Texas Department of State Health Services will drop vaccines from the air Wednesday.

It’s part of the annual effort to protect people and livestock from rabies. They’ll drop about 1.8 million doses of the rabies vaccine over the next month.The vaccines are enclosed in small packets dipped in fish oil and coated with fish meal crumbles.The baits don’t pose a risk to humans, but organizers say you should avoid them because animals are less likely to eat the bait if a human has been messing with it.

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Foods, cosmetics and vaccines all widely formulated with toxic smoothing agents (emulsifiers)

Foods, cosmetics and vaccines all widely formulated with toxic smoothing agents (emulsifiers)

(NaturalNews) The greedy corporate strategy of cutting corners to expand profits now means “injecting” toxic smoothing agents into everything from eye drops and yogurt to cosmetics and flu shots. And nothing is being done by the FDA or the CDC to stop it. Thanks to emulsifiers like sorbitol, soy lecithin, sodium caseinate, polysorbate 80, poloxamer 407, and thimerosal, the list of smoothing agents is growing every day, and they are appearing in more than just “small amounts.”

If you think the gurus on Wall Street are smooth criminals “getting away with murder,” the latest toxic-laden preservatives are moving in undetected, compromising consumers state of health in the short term and the long term, including immediate heart problems and central nervous system disorders. Some of these “repeat offenders” include detergents and aluminum that are injected directly into your veins in flu shots, leading to seizures, autism, miscarriages, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

These “efficient delivery devices” are often ignored by the general public because many consumers just follow along with the masses, believing that the FDA and the United States Government would never allow poisons in foods, cosmetics and vaccinations. Immediate gratification has many consumers preoccupied with the conveniences of an over-stimulated society, and up to 23 of the 25 average products that aren’t strictly organic are toxic.

If you think you’re being careful by requesting additive free vaccines and flu shots, you’ve only scraped off the tip of a dangerous iceberg. Even if there is no polysorbate 80 or aluminum in an injection, vaccines are capable of inducing prolonged activation of the brain’s microglia immune cells. This prolonged activation is associated with diseases like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and vaccine-related encephalitis.

Here are the most frequently used chemical emulsifiers

Are you ready to check the labels and ingredients on everything in your pantry, refrigerator, bathroom cabinet, and in those flu shots yet? Which flu shots are the most dangerous, and are there any safe ones at all? Fluvirin and Flushield contain chick embryonic fluid and synthetic emulsifiers. Polysorbate 80 is associated with allergic reactions like difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, sudden loss of balance, and coughing up blood.

Many vaccines and flu shots contain aluminum, which serves as a delivery vehicle, for helping certain components stay soluble. Do some research on aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate and potassium aluminum sulfate, and you may never get another flu shot in your life.

Sorbitol is in almost every diet food, diet drink, gum, breath mint, eye drop and contact lens solution. Fooling the body because it tastes sweet, this softening agent fuels the development of colon cancer because the body cannot process and excrete it properly. Sorbitol is a known carcinogen that maintains the softness for food and gives eye care products that slippery feel.

Poloxamer 407, the key ingredient in most mouthwashes, is a detergent. It causes bladder cancer in animals. Long term use of mouthwashes is associated with an increased risk of mouth and throat cancers. Listerine contains Poloxamer 407.

Soy lecithin increases risks of breast cancer. Soy lecithin is produced as a result of the sludge that is left over after crude soy oil goes through a “degumming” process. It is a waste product that contains solvents and pesticides.

Sodium caseinate is a fancy name for casein, a known carcinogen. Manufacturers add hydrochloric acid to this processed milk protein in order to reach desired pH levels. Look for casein in paint, glue, cheese, most soy and whey protein shake mixes, and in those popular protein bars. Casein can act as a histamine releaser, aggravating autism and promoting cancerous cell growth.

The label “natural skin care” doesn’t mean a whole lot these days either. Kiss My Face is a brand known to call everything natural, while still containing toxins like sorbitan oleate and other dangerous emulsifiers.

Watch out for phenoxyethanol, a popular antibacterial and preservative chemical often referred to as natural by organic skin care brands. Phenoxyethanol can act as an endocrine disruptor, causing damage to the bladder, brain, and nervous system in animals. Try not to forget that humans are also animals.

Sources for this article include:……………………………………

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via Foods, cosmetics and vaccines all widely formulated with toxic smoothing agents (emulsifiers).